Enduro Pig Prog II Presenter is a data analysis software tool engineered on breakthrough technology that lets you visualize and analyze your pipeline integrity data.

The primary purpose of the Above Ground Marker 2 (AGM2) is to acquire GPS and indicate/store when a PIG passes under the AGM.


This next-generation smart pig combines four high resolution data sources into a single instrument – MFL Deformation Detection, IDOD, and Residual MFL.

Industry standard for geometry inspections. This tool determines the size and location of anomalies as well as a host of other services.


Enduro cleaning pigs can clean any pipe. Dirt, sand, wax, water, gravel, debris. Enduro has a pig for the job.
The Enduro Pig Popper is an intrusive pig signal that is manually reset once it has been tripped by a pig.