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Enduro Pipeline Services, Inc., from the beginning of the company in 1988 to the present day, offers services and sales to assist our Oil and Gas Industry clients with their pipeline problems. The founders of Enduro believe in a hands-on approach to solving pipeline challenges, providing optimum solutions. Enduro offers to the industry a full line of pipeline cleaning pigs, realizing cleaning is an essential part of the internal integrity management of the pipeline. The first tool developed by Enduro was the analog Geometry Inspection Tool. This instrumented pig could detect dents, buckles, pipe wall changes, along with welds and valves. A modification was later added to the tool enabling bends to be detected along with the geometry. In 1998, the Enduro DdL™ Integrity Survey tool was developed by Enduro...


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Enduro has been an extraordinarily professional organization to work with. I have been consistently impressed by the quality of the technicians, analysts, and staff from the project planning stage through inspection and data delivery phases. Enduro delivers on their promises and provides a partnership rather than just a service.

Cassandra K. Stacey, P.E.

Sr. Asset Integrity Engineer
Harvest Pipeline Company

N-SPEC® Pipeline Services requires and gets quality products and workmanship from Enduro and their cleaning pigs. Enduro is a vital partner with us in solving problems for both standard pipeline design cleaning to the ‘I’ve never seen that before!’ pipeline design cleaning. In all cases, we together are able to discuss, design/engineer and implement the standard to the complex custom designed cleaning pigs to our various customer requirements with great satisfaction. Whether it be for liquid cleaning or mechanical cleaning we trust Enduro. In our industry, INTEGRITY means everything!

Randy L. Roberts

N-SPEC PL Applications/PM Mgr.
N-SPEC Pipeline Services

Enduro Pipeline Services means exactly that SERVICE, along with their excellent product lines and Matt Hodson/Product Sales you can't go wrong. I have called numerous times over the past 10-12 years needing Enduro Products or replacement parts expedited and Matt has always stepped up and preformed like a Pro. Go Enduro!

Patrick Berger

Williams Gas Pipeline West
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