Photo of AGM device

Simplicity at its best

The AGM2 constantly monitors the surrounding magnetic field. As a change occurs in the magnetic field, or as a pig with a magnetic field passes, the AGM2 indicates and records the pig data in the internal storage - ready for download at your convenience - simplicity at its best.


  • Real time pig pass detection
  • 16 days of continuous magnetic field and GPS logging
  • Adjustable pig detection parameters
  • USB 2.0
  • GPS fix acquired in 40 seconds from cold start
  • 4 second GPS sampling rate


Step 1

1. The AGM acquires a GPS signal and monitors for magnetic activity

Step 2

2. The AGM senses magnetic activity.

Step 3

3. The AGM has recorded GPS coordinates of the pig passage. It is now safe to turn off the AGM.