N.I.P.S. Unit

Enduro has designed the Non-Intrusive Pig Sensor to detect a change in the magnetic field as a pig runs through a pipeline and under the unit. Each NIPS is equipped with a strong rare earth magnet on the base that attaches directly to the pipe. It is a simple, lightweight, portable and cost-effective unit destined to be your next piece of standard tracking equipment.

NIPS Unit Includes:

  • Enduro N.I.P.S. Unit
  • (2) Sets of Lithium CR123 Batteries
  • Instruction Card
  • High impact, O-Ring sealed watertight carrying case

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Photo of Pig Popper device

Track Your Pig With Confidence

  • Bi-directional trigger
  • Stainless steel inner construction
  • Simple installation
  • Universal fitting
  • No-doubt observation of pig arrival
  • Intuitive reset

The Enduro Pig Popper is available in several different options

  • Manual Visual alert
  • Electrical alert
  • Combo – Electrical/Manual Visual alert

Extensions are available in 6" increments for buried pipe locations. All units are also available in a lighted version. The Enduro Pig Popper is designed to be fitted on most existing 2" fittings.

I’ve seen them at work and they are virtually indestructible…a nice product.- Texas Gas Transmission

Turn Up the Volume – Not the Risk

The Enduro Wireless Geophone detects pig movement by sound amplification of normal noises created by pig passage. The unit can be placed on the ground or attached to exposed piping such as valve settings, vent pipes, etc...

Kit Includes:

  • EWG-1 Amplifier
  • 2 sets of 4 "AA" batteries
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • High-impact, o-ring sealed watertight carry case


  • Volume Control
  • Ground Probe Power up to 30 Hours of Operation
  • High Quality Audio
  • Rechargeable Headset
  • Industrial grade, rugged case
  • Compact size

Pig tracking services & AGM site documentation

  • Pre-run site visits
  • Consultation/Recommendations
  • AGM site selection
  • Survey location documentation
  • GPS survey of AGM locations*
  • Pig Tracking and AGM placement
  • Dig site staking and documentation

Innovative data software

  • Organize data to expedite accurate reports
  • Identify common data errors
  • High quality reports within 48 hours
  • Client-specific reports for your GIS platform
  • Export GPS data for various mapping formats