• A Letter from Enduro CEO Dwane Laymon Regarding COVID-19

    Dear Valued Customer,


    At Enduro Pipeline Services, Inc., the health, safety and wellness of our employees and customers are very
    important to our Company. Enduro continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and will be
    implementing guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on a day to day basis. We
    strive to balance the health and safety of our employees and customers while continuing to provide our products
    and services.


    As part of Enduro’s plan to help eliminate the spread of the COVID-19, effective Tuesday, March the 17th, face
    to face sales calls will be handled either by telephone or via video conferencing until further notice. Enduro
    recognizes that our Field Technicians have job duties that require them to be physically on-site to perform their
    job duties. Enduro will monitor each job-site location, if it is determined that the job-site location will take
    place in a COVID-19 affected area, Enduro will reschedule the work for that customer, in order to ensure safety
    of our personnel and your personnel. In taking this course of action, Enduro is helping to prevent the virus
    from spreading further.


    We are asking all our employees, even our Field Technicians, to avoid gatherings of more than ten (10) people
    in containing the spread of the COVID-19.

    Enduro is taking precautionary protective measures, including:
    • Instructing employees to remember to perform preventive hygiene measures,
    • Instructing employees to stay home if they are sick,
    • Instructing Sales staff to avoiding company travel for sales meetings and/or conferences,
    • Instructing employees to implement Social Distancing when they can.


    We are hoping by doing our part, Enduro is helping to minimize employee and customer exposure to
    COVID-19 through these precautionary measures.

    If you have additional questions or concerns, please send an email to Kim Hamilton at kiml@enduropls.com.
    We also understand that COVID-19 circumstances may change constantly. If there are any changes in services
    contracted, job-site changes/implementation, or product order changes please communicate those to your
    direct contact here at Enduro.


    We value our relationship, with you our customer and we appreciate your support to protect Enduro’s
    employees as well as your employees through these times.


    Dwane O. Laymon