• 2022 Excellence in Maintenance and Integrity Award


    Enduro Pipeline Services presented New Mexico Gas Company (NMGC) with the Excellence in Maintenance and Integrity Award on Tuesday, May 17th, 2022.


    Enduro recognizes the efforts that NMGC has made over the past several years to maintain a clean pigging environment. We appreciate NMGC trusting us to collaborate and develop an efficient cleaning program.


    Due to the diligence of NMGC, Enduro has had a 100% first run success rate when considering debris.


    By taking these preventative measures and having a clean environment the operator receives the best analysis possible.  Quality analysis ensures the ability to identify corrosion, geometric deformations, pipe movement, stress, etc. that could result in catastrophic failure.


    Working as a team this method has created a successful track record of ILI surveys. Congratulations to New Mexico Gas Company and its employees for their maintenance and pipeline integrity excellence.