• Real time PIG pass detection
  • Logging capability of up to 16 days of continuous magnetic field and GPS values.
  • Adjustable PIG detection parameters. There are three parameters that can be adjusted: magnetic activity indication threshold, PIG pass detection threshold and the PIG pass duration.
    • Default values: Magnetic Activity Indication. Threshold is set to 100mG, PIG pass detection threshold is set to 200mG and the PIG pass duration is set to 200ms.
  • USB 2.0 download of data
  • Automated PIGProg software tools to load GPS and magnetic field data and detect PIG passes
  • GPS fix acquired in 40 seconds from cold start. Horizontal GPS accuracy 2m CEP (50% of the time)
  • 4 second GPS sampling rate
  • 6ms magnetic field sampling rate
  • Measurable Gauss readings: 10mG


Outside Dimensions Inside Dimensions  
Length Width Height Length Width Height Weight
8.70 in 7.50 in 3.90 in 7.58 in 5.08 in 3.32 in 5.0 lb
22.1 cm 19.1 cm 9.9 cm 19.2 cm 12.9 cm 8.2 cm 2.3 kg

Temperature Range

  • Type: Industrial
  • -30° C (-20°  F) to 55° C (130° F)
  • NOTE: Based on Alkaline battery life.


  • Approximately 3 days of continuous logging. Colder temperatures will reduce the AGM2 runtime.
  • Tested with 8 C Alkaline Batteries

Magnetic Sensor Sensitivity

  • <1mG (0.03mG)
  • Max Depth PIG Detection: Unspecified
    • The AGM2 can detect most tool sizes in pipelines that are 5 feet underground.
    • The speed at which the PIG is moving affects PIG pass detection in real-time. Slow moving PIG’s are harder to detect because the changes in the magnetic field aren’t as drastic in real time.
  • NOTE: Survey tools have different magnetic field strengths and differences in the permeability of the soil affect the magnetic field detected on the ground. Missed real-time passes may be detected using the PIGProg software since the Magnetic field stored is to be used for post processing